By the end of the twentieth century there are more women in science than we can list- thousands and thousands of them. So we do not include most women who live in the 1900's. That is why you do not see such women as Rachel Carson and Margaret Mead. There is a great deal of information on them in local libraries. We refer you to the WWW and the library for information on all the wonderful women of the 20th century.

There are many disciplines that first flowered in the 20th century , e.g. psychology. We shall try to include early examples of such scientists as we learn about them. Many of the pioneering women are still alive, still contributing and accessible through the WWW and the library.

We have received a lot of information about women in psychology during the first half of the 20th century. We will have entries for them soon.

Be sure to check out the "Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics, CWP" brought to you by UCLA, for more information.

As for the many names of women in all fields of science in the 20th century, we are now growing a table of names
NameField (accomplishments) DatesLinks
Virginia Apgarphysician/inventor - created Apgar test for newborns1909 - 1974Mt Holyoke
Rachel CarsonEcology - wrote Silent Spring1907 - 1964start at the Rachel Carson Homestead site
Kirsty DuncanLed expedition to Longyearbyen (600 miles from North Pole) to research 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Buried there in the permafrost are 7 miners who were victims of this flu.missingjust do a web search under her name. There is a lot of info
Gertrude ElionMedicine - won Nobel Prize1918 - 1999This site has an autobiography
Anna HarrisonChemist - First woman president of the American Chemical Society1912 - 1998the American Chemical Society has produced a video biography of her
Karla HoffmanMathmatics - many accomplishments - as of Aug 1997 she was the Chairperson of the Operations Research and Operations Engineering Department at George Mason Univ.missinghere is her own web site
Janet MatteiAstronomer - President, American Association of Variable Star Observersmissinghere is the organization she heads
Helen R. QuinnTheoretical Physicist, quantum physics,
elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1999
1943 -CWP biography site
Judith ResnickAmerican Astronaut - 2nd american woman in space1949 - 1986 This link will lead you to others

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