astronomer (1556-1643)

She was the little (10 years younger) sister of Tycho Brahe and assisted him with his astronomical observations that became the basis for modern planetary orbit predictions. Tycho Brahe was an astronomer, engineer, alchemist and physician who lived in Denmark.

Sophia made her own career as a horticulturalist, healer, historian and astronomer. Like Tycho, she became a legend in her own lifetime. Even today some Danish and european universities use her chronicles as an example of exemplary methodology in research techniques.

With thanks to Johan Runeberg, Tycho himself chose to educate her when her flair for academics became evident by age 10. Mr. Runeberg provided a quote (roughly translated from an 1846 Danish publication)

"When Denmark remembers her son Tycho, she should not forget the noble woman who in spirit more than blood was his sister. That shining star on our Danish sky was indeed a double-star!"

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